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Susan’s Expertise & Experience

Susan is makeup artist who has 17 years professional experience in beauty field. Only she broke traditional rough way of art tattoo and perfect it. She loves her job , in addition she is serious and responsibility for her job. She has been fully affirmed and recognized in customers. She has made a few experiments on her eyebrow in order to achieve perfect effect. On the basis of customers’s face, the five sense organs, skin color, temperament, age and hair color, she use professional makeup skill to design suitable eyebrow, eyeliner and lip for customers. After many years of continuous study and gaining significant experience, she can use consummate makeup skill to shape perfect personal appearance for every customer. Art is
endless. Body tattoo is unique and magical personalized art. Susan has found many similarity between body tattoo and eyebrow tattoo serval years ago. She use exquisiteness and presistence of body tattoo to megert into eyebrow tattoo skill, and she also continuous study in body tattoo field. Art tattoo is a very exquisite job just like makeup which can
change person’s face and facial expression. As a excellent tattoo artist has not only perfect technique, but also has high aesthetic. Eyeliner can change expression in your eyes, shape of eyes and also make eyelash thicker and prettier. Design is very important step for art tattoo. It can enhance advantage and avoid disadvantage, cover the shortage, balance facial coordination and increase appreance beauty. Using art tattoo can improve unacceptable eyebrow and pecfect it. The art tattoo can make features look spirited. It makes you renewed youth, high spirits and increase self-confidence.